John, Phil, and Patrick accept an ENnie award in 2010.

John, Phil, and Patrick accept an ENnie award in 2010.

I got into writing in the game industry back in 2002 or so. I had been playing Role-playing games in my teens and in college, but the internet was beginning to change things in a major way and made many more tools of production and distribution available. I had found a few free PDF games online and this pushed my project oriented mind in the direction of making something myself. An opportunity arose when my buddy, Matt Solomon, started laying out the idea he had for a novel he was thinking of writing.

I ran a game for Matt and we decided that the system we were using wasn’t good enough to fit what we wanted from a game. We begin jotting down notes on spare notepads and one sake-aided session later, we had the first rough draft of what would eventually become the Silvervine system.

After this initial foray, and many years of research and practice, I started branching out. I submitted a few guest articles to the Treasure Tables Blog and was then asked if I’d be interested in being a full time writer for the owner’s new Endeavor, Gnome Stew. I then started writing for the associated company, Engine Publishing and took on the task of art direction for Engine’s books. After a few more years, and a few more people added to the project, I released Silvervine as a final product.

Currently, I am writing in the gaming industry, working freelance, and maintaining my own projects. I am pleased that many of the books I’ve worked on have won awards and been received in such a positive way. I look forward to branching out and tackling even more writing, development, and art direction in the future.



When I’m not writing or working on a website, I can usually be found with my head in a book, at a Gaming table with a group of friends, or over a crafting table working on something electronic or wooden. I am a very project oriented person and I tend to lose myself easily in the project of the moment. Recently, I’ve been working on optimizing my walking desk, making my own drinking horns, building prop sonic screwdrivers, and learning how to effectively paint miniatures.

When I’m not actively involved in a stationary project, I tend to take to the woods for hiking and camping or getting out in a new city to see what it has to offer and meet the locals. I enjoy traveling, with or without a destination in mind, and enjoy uncovering interesting things hidden away on side roads and off the beaten path.



John Arcadian