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A Cliché At The Gaming Table Isn’t Necessarily Cliché

Recently, a friend of mine said they were tired of  “righteous paladins, knights in  armor that have dragons on them, mentally tortured vampires, orphaned revenge seeking samurai, the “chosen ones” or every lone wolf character EVAR in role playing games”.  Yeah, those are pretty standard characters in a lot of games, and as stereotypes go […]

Dressing Up For Game

Gamers, by our nature, are not ones to dress to the nines. But, as Mark Twain Said: “Clothes Make the Man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” There are a slew of things that your clothing says about you. Especially at game. There are also a lot of ways to use the […]

Player Wish Lists

Based on Nojo’s comment, which alerted me to the idea of player wish lists, and Matthew’s excellent article, Improve Your Game Guaranteed, talking about treasure and loot, I got to thinking about 4e’s use of player wish lists.  Though I’ve never run a 4e game, and I’ve only played in a game or two at […]

My First Attempt At Collaborative Game Mastering

This is part of a Gnome Stew double header. Click here to check out Walt’s article “Methods of Collaborative Game Mastering” for a look at collaborative GMing from a more experienced perspective. The Game Master for one of the games that I’m currently playing in has decided he wants to step down. The group wants […]