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Hands On With Hero Forge

Quite some time back, I did an interview with some of the people behind Hero Forge, a very successful kickstarter that funded the creation of a website and printing solution for creating custom miniatures. Playing many games that have characters that don’t fit standard molds, the concept intrigued me greatly. I backed it the moment […]

Tabletop Simulator Review

Recently, I came across an interesting program on Steam called Tabletop Simulator. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for really cool terrain and visual flair at the table. I’ve also moved around multiple times in the last few years, and online sessions have sometimes been the only way I’ve been able to get together […]

Pacing, Ala Moebius

Recently, I’ve been reading through the collected works of french comic artist Jean “Moebius” Giraud. Moebius’s works are sci-fi/fantasy epics that are fast paced, with the story holding a consistent but somewhat disjointed thread throughout the piece. I’m on page 127 of the 300 some page work L’Incal, and new things are constantly happening and […]

There Is No Do, Only Try

We’re all probably familiar with the famous Empire Strikes Back line delivered with incredible gravitas from the wizened old green muppet Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try”. While the meaning is fairly clear – you have to tackle challenges with the attitude that you will succeed – I’ve been thinking about how […]

Johnny’s Five – Mixed Messages

One of the biggest problems I’ve ever seen plague any game is miscommunication between the Game Master and the players. The game master will say: “You throw the door open and see the footprints in the ever-deepening snow. The flakes continue to fall from the sky and begin to obscure the tracks that lead off […]

Hot Button – Brief or Eloquent

The shopkeeper’s green tunic clashes oddly with his blue alien skin. The 6 strange nostrils on the top of his head are flaring wildly, a gesture of greeting for his people. As you eye over his wares, he moves his large bulky body over to you, causing some of the racks to slide out of […]

Getting Some Writing Done

I posted on facebook a few days ago about a bunch of projects I’ve completed recently in my life as a web designer. Things I’ve created that have been keeping me busy these last few months, and thus really bad about keeping up with communicating with people. – http://koboldpress.com (Site redesign) – http://koboldpress.com/kpstore/ (Site redesign […]

My Litmus Test For Crazy Player Ideas

“ So, if you two can balance the ladders just right for about 45 seconds, I can get high enough to get a good angle from this garden beyond the castle walls. I can throw my dart the distance to the chandelier from there and with a good enough to hit roll, which I can […]

Announcing Gamer Romance Novels

We here at Gnome Stew are excited to announce our newest Engine Publishing project, and a bit of a departure from our regular fare – Gamer Romance Novels! Realizing, at a recent strategy meeting held over G+ hangouts, the untapped crossover market between romance novels and gamer supplements, Engine Publishing set out to utilize our […]

New Website!

Well, I’ve done it. Finally got off of my lazy, kilted back-side and redid my website. I went through a process to get here, trying out one theme, then trying another and dismissing it once I got content up. Sometimes, the arduous process is important. It helps you hone down your idea and determine what […]

You … save??… a tavern??

A few weeks back, in my itinerant internet wanderings, I came across an interesting video where a steampunk tavern is attacked by some undead cowboys and then saved by a few of the customers and a native american warrior.  The violent, cgi driven, epic, and gratuitous music video gave rise to an interesting twist on […]