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Collaborative GMing The Same Session in Numenera

I recently made a trip up to Chicago to see my long-time brother-in-kilt, Matt Solomon. Both being gamers who are usually the GMs or who have limited access to gaming groups, we wanted to get into some good gaming during the trip. But there were only two of us and […]

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Hot Button – How Much Information Do You Need In Published Scenarios?

I’ve always been a fan of the theory that less is more. When it comes to running my own games, I tend to need very little information to run them. Just the bare bones of the plot and a couple of stats or maps from the books. When I use […]

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‘Because Plot’ Is Not A Good Enough Reason

I just finished a major project the other night and celebrated by taking most of the next day off and watching old cartoons from my childhood. I’m not talking just watching a few episodes, more waking up at noon and watching a full season in one sitting. I get pretty […]

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Effectively Splitting A Party – A Solution For Large Gaming Groups

Due to rather gaming starved area where I currently live, I’ve recently gained a rather large gaming group through my inability to say no. There isn’t much of a gaming culture here, and I just couldn’t say no to the people who heard about my game from shared friends and […]

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October 22, 2013 John Arcadian

You Pick It Review – Hillfolk

Right at the top of the request list for You Pick It Reviews this year was Robin Law’s new book Hillfolk. I was intrigued by it and saw some interesting tidbits about it online during the development processes. So, of course I  had to pick it up and see what […]

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You Pick It Review – Numenera – There Have Been Eight Previous Reviews

And by 8 previous reviews, I of course mean a gazillion. When we put out the call for You Pick It Reviews, Numenera was one of the big ones on the list. I half considered letting the many other reviews: Numenera Reviews On Google (Too many to list […]

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GMing Tools – Prezi In Your Campaign

A while back I discovered a nifty online tool called Prezi. It is a presentation platform online that functions a little differently than a standard power-point. With a prezi, you place a bunch of bits of information onto a background (like laying out index cards on a table or drawing […]

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Running A Game Is Like Being A Cat Owner

The other day, while one of our two cats rubbed against her hand, my girlfriend jokingly remarked that I should write an article about how running a game is like being a cat owner. We both laughed and threw out a few pithy comments about why that was true and […]

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Johnny’s Five – Five Tips For Building Adventures That Make Your Heart Thump

After I got back from Gencon, I was hit by the cold that would never go away. This resulted in my work days being 1/2 productive and 1/2 fuzzy headed sitting on the couch waiting for medicine to kick in. I watched a lot of TV and finished a lot […]

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Enabling Player Fun – Introductory Scenes

Your players have just spent hours crafting their perfect characters for your next long-form campaign. They’ve pored over the rules and splatbooks looking for just the right mix of classes and powers to get them what they want, they’ve picked all of the feats and skills for the next 12 […]

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