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You Pick It, We Review It 2013

That time of year has come around again and Gencon is just a week away. One of the biggest things at Gencon is the dealer’s hall –  bursting with a plethora of gaming products and goodies. All of the Gnomes attending Gencon are planning to pick up some fun things […]

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Using Pinterest In Your Games

My girlfriend recently got herself a tablet to play around with. One of her primary uses of this tablet is scrolling through Pinterest boards and “pinning” things to it. I’ve been watching over her shoulder and becoming more interested in what Pinterest had to offer. I had heard about it […]

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My Perfect Party Composition – 3 Overpowered/Dual-Role Characters

Looking at the current player mix in 2 games that I’m running right now, I’ve realized that I’m running for what I consider to be the perfect party composition – 3 Slightly Overpowered/Dual Role Characters . Why is this the perfect sized party for me to run for? 3 Players […]

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Let Players End Scenes Early To Speed Up The Game

One of the things that marks my GMing style is the fact that I try to keep my games nice and tight and avoid unnecessary distractions. If something that my players are trying to do is easy enough to accomplish, I let them succeed at it. Shopping trips happen off […]

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June 25, 2013 John Arcadian

My Initial Impression Of The Reaper Bones Payoff

  Well, this wasn’t the article I had scheduled for today, but when I got home last night there was a nice big box sitting on my doorstep full of plastic miniature goodness. Many of you are probably in the same situation, enjoying the rewards of backing the Reaper Bones […]

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Johnny’s Fifty – Fifty Small Resources For You To Run A Great Cave Based Game

On a recent trip I found myself back at Mammoth Caves, Kentucky for a quick driving break. I didn’t make it down into any of the caves this time, but got to walk around and peer into the caves while I walked the trails in the park. The last time […]

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Johnny’s Five – Five Questions With Andy Hopp About Unique Game Settings

There are a number of really unique settings out there, but Low Life by Andy Hopp of Mutha Oith Creations (and the kickstarter for the redredged version) has to be one of the most unique that I’ve come across. I did a G+ hangout and video interview with Andy to […]

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Johnny’s Five – Five Pictures For Inspiration

As Game Masters, we each have our unique and individual style for running games. There are certain elements we all feel comfortable with and enjoy using in our games. We don’t want to get stuck in the familiar and the easy when we present a new game for our players, […]

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Hot Button – Player Responsibilities?

I’ve recently completed a move to Mississippi and I have two new groups of players in two very different games. I’m running a very new player friendly game for some people who are unfamiliar with role-playing in general, and I’m running a somewhat advanced game with a mix of experienced […]

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Johnny’s Five – Five Tactics For Mind Controlled PCs

My last article was about the trope of mind controlled characters. Reading through the comments and seeing the many diverse options and attitudes towards mind controlled PCs, I can realize where there are narrative moments where it can work but that it is still a very tricky subject. So here […]

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