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Making Clerics at least 20% Cooler

The cleric has long been a time honored tradition of Dungeons and Dragons, and pony clerics are no different. With multiple gods to choose from including celestia, celestia, luna, twillight sparkle, and of course the correct choice – celestia, pony clerics are an incredible addition to any pony party.




There are many interesting options for pony clerics in D&D next, and we can’t dish details on all of them. Here are some enticing tidbits.


  • OBEY – Like dominate, force someone to obey the will of celestia.
  • Turn Undead – A good old classic, it can turn undead. Useful when everypony else has turned zombie on you.
  • Reveal True Form – A changeling will never cause you issues with this around. Like true sight, this spell will allow you to reveal the true forms of any creatures in the vicinity.

Clerics can be any breed of pony – earth, pegasi, or unicorn, unlike mages who can only be unicorns. The only thing required to be a pony cleric is to have unending faith in Celestia and OBEY.



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