Custom Sonic Screwdriver


I’m an unabashed fan of Dr. Who, both the old and the new series. So, when my maker itch was needing a little scratching one day, I decided to see what I could do about creating some custom Sonic Screwdrivers for myself and friends. The most complicated part of this project was finding a way to get the circuitry to emit both light and sound. Doesn’t sound too hard, but to get components (especially speakers) that small is a surprisingly difficult task.

After a few weeks I had a lot of research done, but no more time to really work on it. So, I took a shortcut and dissasembled an already working sonic screwdriver and built a really sturdy case. Meet my custom sonic screwdriver Mk I. All brass, heavy as can be, and fully works to open things (like beer bottles).




February 16, 2015 John Arcadian

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