Publications & Appearances

I try to keep an updated list of my current publications or contributions here. Scroll down and see what I've worked on, sorted chronologically.

Gnome Stew

Head Gnome
2008 - 2015 (Author), 2015+ Owner
Gnome Stew is an award winning blog devoted to the art of Game Mastering and helping Game Masters of all names improve their games.

Midgard Interactive Map

Web Developer, Coder
2018 - Kobold Press
Put together a fully interactive digital map for Kobold Press's Midgard campaign setting. Tools include multiple tile layers, groups, filter list, and pathfinder distance mapping tool.

Love and Justice

Art Director, Graphic Design, Layout
2018 - Encoded Designs
Based on Lasers and Feelings,an incredible magical girl themed 3 page game. I created the logo and did layout for the CC licensed project.

The Book of the Tarrasque

Writer, Art Director, Graphic Design, Layout, Cartography
2017 - Encoded Designs
Created from multiple playtests and campaigns run around the epic monster, The Book of the Tarrasque is full of optional rules, adventures, history, and advice for the biggest challenge your players will face.

The First Adventure

Writer, Art Director, Layout
2016 - Encoded Designs
A Fisaco playset hack optimized to introduce brand new players to the aspects of role-playing and acting out characters. Modified to emphasize a collaborative ending and jump off point for moving to D&D style games.

Rockerboys & Vending Machines

Art Director, Layout
2016 - Encoded Designs
Based on Lasers and Feelings,a totally rad 80s cyberpunk/neon rock themed 2 page game. I created the logo and did layout for the CC licensed project.

Hydro Hacker Operatives

Art Director
2016 - Encoded Designs
A project in development from Encoded Designs, Hydro Hacker Operatives gave me the opportunity to get a really great artist (Matt Morrow) doing some incredible art in a very interesting sci-fi world.

On The Border Of Hot Sauce

Artist, Layout
2016 - Encoded Designs /
Queen City Conquest
On The Border of Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese, And Canadian Beer is a fiasco playset done as a promotional product for Queen City Conquest. I created the cover and did the interior layout.

Adventure Cartography

2016 - Encoded Designs / Baldman Games
Through a partnership with Baldman Games to provide new adventures for organized play events at conventions, I began creating maps for Adventurer's League adventures.

Character Cache

Developer, Art Director
2016 - Encoded Designs /
Matt Morrow
An ongoing Patreon that combines the art of Matt Morrow with 5e, Fate, and Savage Worlds stats and non-system specific writing to create fully fleshed characters for use in games.

Encoded Inkwell

Art Director
2016 - Encoded Designs
Working with Matt Morrow and Encoded Designs, produced stock art supplements for other publishers to use in their products.

Life and Moon

Art Director
2016 - Encoded Designs
A trial run on the new DMs guild, under a rush deadline I helped acquire and set an art style for the product which quickly became a popular seller.

Fated Minions Of The Source

2016 - Encoded Designs /
3rd Eye Games
Performed a variety of conversions to put Minions of the Source into the Fate line for Part Time Gods.

Divine Instruments of Fate

2015 - Encoded Designs /
3rd Eye Games
Performed a variety of conversions to put Divine Instruments into the Fate line for Part Time Gods.

Focal Point

Author, Art Director
2015 - Engine Publishing
Focal Point provides advice for Game Masters to make their game sessions extraordinary. My chapters showcase how to entertain and keep your players engaged.

Staring Down at Madison Avenue

Author, Art Director
2014 - Terrapin Foundries
A 1960s advertising, mad men themed fiasco playset I wrote along with Trey Bagwell. Art by Alec Stringer.

Savage Insider #10 - Make It Epic

Contributing Author
2014 - Mystical Throne Entertainment
I developed an article for Savage Insider issue #10 entitled Power Trappings - Ramping The Epic Up On Trappings.

Liber Magica

2014 - Cubicle 7
Created and modified latin translations for Liber Magica.

Blood Red Mars

2014 - Cubicle 7
By a strange set of circumstances, I appear as an NPC in Blood Red Mars. Check out page 23 for John Arcadian - Kilted Space Explorer.


Contributing Author
2014 - Engine Publishing
Alongside contributing an article on Island Design Theory, I received special thanks for art advice in front cover

Dangerous Space Jail

Art Director
2014 - Encoded Designs
I was engaged as art director for Dangerous Space Jail. We worked out an art style that mixed old school gaming and Jack Kirby-esque cosmic chaos energy.

Victoriana 3rd Edition

2013 - Cubicle 7
Created and modified latin translations for Victoriana 3rd Edition.


Art Director
2012 - Engine Publishing
The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management

Never Unprepared

Art Director
2012 - Engine Publishing
The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep


Author, Art Director
2011 - Engine Publishing
1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game

SVG Core Rulebook & Cyrus Worldbook

Lead Developer, Art Director
2010 - Silvervine Games
The Silvervine Games (SVG)Core Rulebook and first Worldbook setting for Silvervine, this product was a labor of love built over many long years.


Author, Art Director
2010 - Engine Publishing
501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters

Open Game Table, Vol. 2

Contributing Author
2010 - Open Game Table
Too Defined A Setting Can Prevent Player Creativity, an article I wrote for Gnome Stew, was picked up for this volume.

Appearances and Guest Articles

Tabletop Roleplaying Games as Social Practice

2018 - TEDx Ohio State University
Presented on the social benefits of Tabletop Roleplaying games at TEDxOhio State University 2018.

Table Top Babble

2017 - The RPG Industry in 2017
Talked about major events to come to RPGS in 2017.

Dungeon Dome Twitch Channel

Guest Game Master
2017 - Dungeon Dome
Came on as a guest Game Master to run The Tarrasque for the Fantasy Interndimensional Championship.
Watch on Twitch

RAAH Real Monsters VII; The Tarrasque

2017 - Dungeon Master's Block
Brought on as a guest to talk about the Tarrasque and epic monsters.

Table Top Babble

2017 - Table Top Babble
Talked about running massive monsters and the Tarrasque in tabletop games.

She's a Super Geek - 5 Minute RPGs

Guest Player
2017 - She's a Super Geek
Played a 5 minute RPG at Gencon with Senda of She's a Super Geek.
Listen - Starts at 7:35

DM-Nastics 97: Tarrasque Me No Questions

2017 - DM-Nastics
Brought on as a guest to talk about the Tarrasque and epic monsters based on the DM-nastics forums questions.

Talking Tabletop

2016 - Talking Tabletop
Interviewed by Jim McClure about Gnome Stew, my experiences gaming, and the future of tabletop gaming.

She's A Super Geek - Call Of Catthulu

Guest Player
2016 - She's a Super Geek
Joined She's a Super Geek to play a 3 legged cat named Grendel in Call of Catthulu.
Listen to Part 1
Listen to Part 2

Aethercon IV (2015)

2015 - Aethercon
I was asked to moderate online panels at Aethercon IV this year. Here are links to my talks with Louis Porter Junior Designs, Samurai Sheepdog, and Fainting Goat Games

Misdirected Mark

2015 - Misdirected Mark
Interviewed on Threats From Gallifrey about running Epic Tabletop Games.

Game Design Occupations Explained

2015 - Accessible Games
I did an article for Accessible Games about being an art director. It is very interesting to pick apart a job and really think about what makes it tick.

All Things Truly Wicked

Guest Game Master
2014 - One Shot Podcast Network
Ran a game of All Things Truly Wicked, a 2 page tabletop game on the One Shot Podcast..
Listen to Part 1
Listen to Part 2

P/ACA in the South 2013

2013 - Popular/American Culture Association in the South
Presented The Win Scenario - An Exploration of How Collaboration and Malleable Story Structure Affects Engagement in Tabletop Role-Playing Games at the PCAS 2013 conference.

Geeki and Genki Interview (2013)

2013 - Geeky and Genki
Interviewed about the SVG system and the Cyrus world setting by Geeky and Genki

Midwest PCA/ACA 2012 Conference

Featured Presenter
2012 - Midwest PCA/ACA
Featured Presenter at the Midwest Popular Culture Association / Midwest American Culture Association Conference 2012. Presented on how Collaboration Changes The Medium of Table Top Gaming.
Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2

Gamerati Short Interview (2011)

2011 - Gamerati Tour
Interviewed as part of the Gamerati US tour.
Watch on Youtube

John Arcadian