Storium As A Campaign Chronicle

In a previous article, I talk about discovering Storium, an online narrative game that provides a framework and a mechanic for an online role-playing game with a play by post sort of framework. My own game is going on pretty well, if at a slow pace because of our time […]

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Seed Your Players’ Backgrounds

While driving along the other day, I had one of those Eureka moments while thinking about the next game I’m going to run. As I started to think about what kinds of characters would fit well into the story, I reminisced about the theme games I tried to run to […]

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Johnny’s Five – Five Tips For Getting Players Involved In The Backstory Of The Game

As Game Masters, I think we’ve all been in the place where we get wrapped up in creating a world or game with an intricate backstory or lots of details. (When I refer to backstory throughout the rest of this article, I mean the intricate details that surround a world […]

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Hot Button: The Player or the Sheet?

Imagine this fairly common scenario: The character sheet talks about a backwoods, uneducated fighter with a low intelligence score. The player knows that the word puzzle on the wall can be solved by removing every third letter and putting the min order. The fighter might not know this, but the […]

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John Arcadian