Karthun Lands Of Conflict

  So, last night I did a G+ interview with Brian F’N Patterson (d20 monkey) and Tracy Barnet (Iron Edda, School Daze) of Exploding Rogue Studios about their new Kickstarter called Karthun: Lands Of Conflict. I’m already a backer of this kickstarter because of the people involved, but also because […]

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Hero Forge Kickstarter Interview

A few days ago, I came across a kickstarter for a thing I’ve known was coming in the next few years and dreamed of doing if I ever won the lottery – combining 3d printed miniatures with the character creators from various mmorpgs. Imagine being able to use sliders and […]

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Johnny’s Five – Five Questions With Andy Hopp About Unique Game Settings

There are a number of really unique settings out there, but Low Life by Andy Hopp of Mutha Oith Creations (and the kickstarter for the redredged version) has to be one of the most unique that I’ve come across. I did a G+ hangout and video interview with Andy to […]

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Gencon’s VIG Program – The Way You Should Do Gencon – Plus Interview With VIG Director, Rachel Araucto

This year’s Gencon was my second year attending. My first year, the decision to go was last minute and a few factors kept me from having a very good time. This year, I decided that i was going to make sure and enjoy myself. One of the ways I did […]

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