Inspired by Ant-Man – Honey I Shrunk The PCs

You’ve probably seen the recent Ant-Man teaser that released at a miniature size.     It was followed by a full sized trailer that showed off more of the overlooked superhero. Seeing the trailers recently reminded me of one experience on the micro-scale that was really fun and has always […]

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As The Player Turns – When PVP Is Fun, And What To Do When It Isn’t

At Origins this year I ran a lot of games. Most of them went according to plan, many of them weren’t planned until the group sat at the table (which resulted in fighting Nazi Showgirls From Las Vegas), and one of them somehow turned into PvP session but still came […]

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Will Tabletop Roleplaying Survive?

This wasn’t the article I intended to write today. I intended to write my long overdue Realms of Cthulu review, since I played Savage Worlds with Sean Preston and Sean Patrick Fannon at Con On The Cob and now feel familiar enough  with Savage Worlds to review it. But Martin’s […]

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John Arcadian