Why Should I be Interested? Treat Your Game Like Selling A Product

Origins is coming up this week, and all of the gamers who will be there are going to be presented with a slew of new games to try and products to purchase. There are a ton of new things to try out and to be tempted by. When I’m in […]

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Being An Awesome Game Master Is Not Something You Stumble Into

Whenever I run a game, I want to make sure it is the best possible game I can run. I want players walking away talking about it and ready for the next session. Maybe 1 in 5 games goes this way, even when I wing it, but it is always […]

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Johnny’s Five – Five Questions With Andy Hopp About Unique Game Settings

There are a number of really unique settings out there, but Low Life by Andy Hopp of Mutha Oith Creations (and the kickstarter for the redredged version) has to be one of the most unique that I’ve come across. I did a G+ hangout and video interview with Andy to […]

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Modelling Sickness In A Tabletop RPG

If you would like a printable version of this post for quick reference, I organized it into a PDF which you can find here. I have recently become intimately aware of the extreme effects of having sickness ravage my body. It is the same kind of awareness I gain after […]

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John Arcadian