Storium – The Best Little Game You Might Not Know About

So, a while back I was making a decent number of trips across country. In order to occupy myself during long, lonely hours in the car, I got into listening to RPG podcasts. On one of these Podcasts, I heard an interview with one of the people responsible for Storium.  […]

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The Physical Space Of The Game Part 2 – Put Something There, It Doesn’t Need To Be Polished Or Fancy

Ok, the last article I wrote on the physical space of the game was meant to be the one I’m writing now. I just got into a completely different mindset while writing the intro, and suddenly the intro was a full fledged article. In this article I want to talk […]

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The Physical Space Of The Game Part 1 – Understanding What The Space Means

A buddy of mine started down the road to GMing for the first time a few months ago. While the games he has been able to run have been very short and thrown together in the minimal spare time that our lives allow, they’ve been great fun and an even […]

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John Arcadian