Karthun Lands Of Conflict

  So, last night I did a G+ interview with Brian F’N Patterson (d20 monkey) and Tracy Barnet (Iron Edda, School Daze) of Exploding Rogue Studios about their new Kickstarter called Karthun: Lands Of Conflict. I’m already a backer of this kickstarter because of the people involved, but also because […]

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Modelling Sickness In A Tabletop RPG

If you would like a printable version of this post for quick reference, I organized it into a PDF which you can find here. I have recently become intimately aware of the extreme effects of having sickness ravage my body. It is the same kind of awareness I gain after […]

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A Simple Primer On Converting Between Systems

It sits there in your hand, this awesome module that has an incredible story, a great concept, a well thought out adventure path, and it’s perfect for the game you’ve always wanted to run…. except it’s not in the system you or your group likes to play. While standing in […]

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RPG Faceoff – Determining The Right System

I recently did a review of Open Design’s Courts Of The Shadow Fey 4e adventure, an excellent little romp through the interaction between the fey courts and the mortal world. I was incredibly impressed by the adventure, and it reinvigorated an old similar campaign idea that I had been kicking […]

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