February 13, 2017 John Arcadian

The Book of the Tarrasque

My latest book, the Book of the Tarrasque is out now at Drive Thru RPG! http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/203923/The-Book-of-the-Tarrasque?term=tarrasque&test_epoch=0 Are You Ready For The World Ender? The Tarrasque, the unkillable challenge of Dungeons and Dragons. Do you have what it takes to fight the monster? Do you have what it takes to run […]

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October 14, 2015 John Arcadian

My that’s a dashing 3D modeled Kilt you have…

Shapeways did a review of Hero Forge’s current status and linked to a review I did of Hero Forge over on Gnome Stew. Look whose stately 3D model they chose to feature in their first image. Kilts make everything better.

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August 24, 2015 John Arcadian

Focal Point

My latest book – Focal Point –  is now available for purchase through Drive Thru RPG and Engine Publishing, as well as at your FLGS and Studio 2 Publishing. I was one of three authors (Phil Vecchione and Walt Ciechanowski being  the others), and we put Focal Point together as […]

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August 10, 2015 John Arcadian

Joining Encoded Designs

Just under a week ago I got back from an eventful and fun Gencon 2015. While I was there I wore multiple hats, and kilts, while working tech support for the MCG booth, meeting with the line developers for various writing projects I’m working on, and catching  up with friends […]

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May 5, 2015 John Arcadian

Getting Some Writing Done

I posted on facebook a few days ago about a bunch of projects I’ve completed recently in my life as a web designer. Things I’ve created that have been keeping me busy these last few months, and thus really bad about keeping up with communicating with people. – http://koboldpress.com (Site […]

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March 21, 2015 John Arcadian

Woocommerce Search Orders By Item or Sku Plugin

A while back a client, by which I mean every client I’ve ever had with a woocommerce store on their site, asked me if they can search through their orders to find all orders that contain a certain item. As my introduction to Woocommerce was a little over a year […]

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March 19, 2015 John Arcadian

New Website!

Well, I’ve done it. Finally got off of my lazy, kilted back-side and redid my website. I went through a process to get here, trying out one theme, then trying another and dismissing it once I got content up. Sometimes, the arduous process is important. It helps you hone down […]

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A Trip Through RPG History With Designers And Dragons

I was not around for the beginnings of the game industry. I can look at the Red Box D&D set on my gaming shelves and know that I only have it because I acquired it from a friend who acquired it from an ex-girlfriend’s father. It sits next to my […]

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Inspired by Ant-Man – Honey I Shrunk The PCs

You’ve probably seen the recent Ant-Man teaser that released at a miniature size.     It was followed by a full sized trailer that showed off more of the overlooked superhero. Seeing the trailers recently reminded me of one experience on the micro-scale that was really fun and has always […]

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Limiting Players Without Limiting Fun

A recent article about railroading by Will Hindmarch over on medium.com got me thinking about something I’ve had in my “to-write” file for a while. It is an idea that I constantly go back and forth on when I run games, the idea of saying no to a player to […]

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