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Joining Encoded Designs

11222423_524325814398573_8348150174410407147_nJust under a week ago I got back from an eventful and fun Gencon 2015. While I was there I wore multiple hats, and kilts, while working tech support for the MCG booth, meeting with the line developers for various writing projects I’m working on, and catching  up with friends I only see at conventions.

While it was a busy Gencon full of many different and exciting developments, one of the most exciting was me joining a new company – Encoded Designs!

I’ll be joining the Encoded crew as an art director, developer, and doing a little bit behind the scenes as a web developer and designer. Encoded works on some incredible products like Dangerous Space Jail and Part Time Gods of Fate. There are a slew of other projects in the work that I’m excited about but can’t quite talk about yet. I’m looking forward to digging in with Encoded and building some awesome things.

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