My Dungeons and Dragons Ted Talk
Back in February, I was lucky enough to get to go on stage at TEDx Ohio State University and talk about one of my big passions, tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. These sorts of games have had an incredible... Read more

The Book of the Tarrasque
My latest book, the Book of the Tarrasque is out now at Drive Thru RPG!

Are You Ready For The World Ender?
The Tarrasque, the unkillable challenge of Dungeons and Dragons. Do you have what it takes to fight the monster?... Read more

Fiasco To Teach Gaming To New Players
From left to right: Hazel the druid, Mayte the Fighter, Ivy The Rogue, and Ebb The Sorcerer — Art by the incredible Meghan Dornbrock... Read more

Check out some of my work and appearances in the portfolio below.