Welcome to Waterdeep, let’s steal some treasure !

You’re probably here because you found a poster at a local gaming store and were intrigued. You might be here because you saw this all shared online through some article I wrote. Either way, let’s talk about Waterdeep and your part in stealing finding a massive treasure hidden within the city.

What are you in for?

I’m a very improv and narrative heavy Game Master. I’ve been running games for a long time, and I run all sorts of games. Waterdeep Dragonheist hit me right in my oceans 11 (10, 8, etc.)  / Lupin the Third loving heart. I wanted to run with new people and make a game that was open to new players, so here we are. I’m looking to grab a group of people to play with and to invite new people into roleplaying. I tend to run with the rules, but then I tend to run amok with the rules in order to make fun things happen. I tend to say yes to cool things, but I’ll say no if I see something that wouldn’t help other players have fun. Gaming is collaborative, and that’s exactly what I want to emphasize in my games. Everyone working together to make something incredible and fun.

Who / What / When / Where?

Y’know, I’m not 100% sure on all the details yet. I want to figure that out with what works best for the people involved.  Here is what I know for sure.

  • I will *likely* run on weekday nights, probably Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, depending on response.
  • I’m probably going to run at one of a few Columbus area gaming venues like Tabletop Cafe, Beyond the Board, The Guardtower, or some other venue based on the group I gather.
  • I will run until the end of the adventure and will probably run in a format that lets people jump in and out as needed.
  • I prefer a group of 3 to 4 and will probably not let it stretch MUCH higher, but at the end of the day I’m a softie.

My Safe Spaces Policy

I like making sure everyone feels safe at the table, and you don’t get new people into games if it doesn’t feel safe. So, I make sure to publicly announce I’m going to run a gaming table with respect and openness. If you’re a new gamer, female, a gamer of color, LGBTQ+, or have any reason to feel like gaming may not be the most comfortable space for you, talk to me – I’ll do what I can to make sure it is a more comfortable experience for everyone.

So, what next?

Okay, if you’re interested, shoot me an email at arcadian@johnarcadian.com but take the text below and copy it in / use it to make sure you hit everything we need to figure out the best options. I’ll pick up the game as soon as I get enough people interested. I hope to start running in early October, but will probably pick up one-shots in earlier games.

  • Your Name
  • Tell Me About Your Gaming Experience and what your play style is like(None is fine! Tell me why you are interested in gaming, what sort of stuff looks cool from shows you watch or what do you think would be most fun?)
  • Tell Me Your General Character Idea (You don’t have to have anything detailed, or even figured out. Tell me what you like to play or would like to play.)
  • What days would be best for you?
    Tuesday from 6pm to around 10 (at the LATEST)
    Wednesday from 6pm to around 10 (at the LATEST)
    Thursday from 6pm to around 10 (at the LATEST)
    Some weekend time (Like Friday night, Saturday afternoon, etc.)
  • Preferred Venue? Preferred area to game?
    Beyond the Board (in Dublin)
    Tabletop Game Cafe (On High Street near Henderson, has beer and food)
    The Guardtower (on the West side, food nearby)
    Some other venue ( like a central library, place with food, etc.  Tell me things I don’t know about yet!)
  • Have you got any concerns getting into this? Anything that makes you nervous? (I’ll do what I can to help mitigate that if I can.)
  • Any other questions or things you want to bring up?

So, shoot me an email and I’ll start up the game once I’ve got a group together. Looking forward to gaming with you!

(All images taken from module or https://www.dndbeyond.com/posts/316-visitors-to-trollskull-alley)