We here at Gnome Stew are excited to announce our newest Engine Publishing project, and a bit of a departure from our regular fare – Gamer Romance Novels! Realizing, at a recent strategy meeting held over G+ hangouts, the untapped crossover market between romance novels and gamer supplements, Engine Publishing set out to utilize our writing resources to fill the gaps and create our new line – Gnomance Novels!

Our new line will be a semi-interactive reading experience of Gnome and Fantasy themed romance novels. Much like Choose Your Own Adventure books, Gnomance Novels will be interactive fiction pieces released primarily as online eBooks with options to switch between story paths using simple dice mechanics and romance options.

Our first offering in the series is nearly complete and we are proud to present The Spellbook by Phil Vecchione – releasing in one month!

 Featuring cover art and interior flipbook illustrations by acclaimed artist Matt Morrow.


“Somewhere,” muses Dorhim Menzu, while sitting on his porch in the moonight, “there were people making gnomish love.” The Spellbook, a Sword Coast-fried story of love-lost-and-found-again, revolves around a single time-honored romantic dilemma: will beautiful Prici Yolin stay with Mr. Paladin (to whom she happens to be engaged), or will she choose Yosbar, the romantic gnomish illusionist she left so many years ago?


Click here for a 10 page sample of the book.


While The Spellbook can be considered the pinnacle of Gnome Based Fantasy Romance, our ambitions don’t end there. We have many offerings in the pipeline from our authors.

West Of The Red Hat

By John Arcadian

Love was no stranger for Mark Johanson. The rancher turned studio jazz instrumentalist had given up his cowboy lifestyle for a moderate amount of fame playing in studio bands. When he booked the gig of a lifetime, doing the keystone triangle ding in a brand new Steely Dan song, he never expected to have his world swept out from under him. The audio mixer, Greta Ingridson, has something odd about her… something not quite human. Soon Mark is whisked away on a magical journey that expands his borders and makes him question whether magic is real. No matter what he doubts about the truth of the world and the existence of magical creatures alongside mundane humans, he never doubts his emerging feelings for Greta.

Gnodame Bovary

by Scott Martin

Gnodame Bovary is a new classic. Set in the stultifying rural countryside, Gemma marries but finds her desires unfulfilled. Even a daughter and loyal badger companion, starfur, are unable to fulfill her passionate wants. Initially, she is able to resist the handsome Leon, but the rakish potato and rutabaga farmer Rodolphe proves that long whiskers are irresistible…
Her quest for fulfillment challenges the roots of gnomish order and prosperity. Can one gnome finally have it all?


by Angela Murray

Torn between two planes, Clarisse is a gentle but strong-willed cleric, thrown from the quiet normality of her average adventuring life into an older, more turbulent world of kilts, honor, war, and accented gnomes. It is there she finds herself inexorably drawn to the forbidden love of Gnomie MacFrasier, a gallant warrior who has vowed to protect against all that come against her despite her height and strange ways. Does she give in to her desire for the strong, yet diminutive arms of her Gnomish defender, or does she stay true to the adventuring party she left behind?

Gnome Hearts Gone Wild

By Matthew Neagley

Based on the critically acclaimed module! Gnomela Andergnome is courted by both the bad boy Dirk Dagger and the dashing General Muttonchops, but her heart belongs to the strong but silent Garden. Will she manage to win the heart of her stony beloved and get him to open himself up to her, or will one of her suitors win her heart away?


From Our “After Dark” Line

My Lover is a Dinosaur

By Martin Ralya

That irrepressible gnomish rogue, the dashing Lady Twerking Hotrump, is at it again! In My Lover is a Dinosaur, Lady Hotrump explores the forbidden land, a land lost in time where dinosaurs roam, and tastes forbidden love. When Lady Hotrump meets Duke Turgid Veinypole, it’s love — and lust — at first sight! Lady Hotrump never dreamed she could learn to love a T-rex, and Duke Veinypole never imagined he would fall for a gnome. But will it last when Duke Veinypole’s estranged wife, Duchess Lotsacleavage, returns from her expedition to Darkest Labia?

From Our Reworked Classics Line

Gnometeenth Night, Or Who Let Bloody Gnomes on The Stage!

By Troy Taylor

In this adaption of the classic stage production, our heroine, Vivivica, is washed ashore in a shipwreck, dons a red pointy gnome’s hat, and everyone instantly assumes she’s a male gnome, because, as we know, only male gnomes wear red pointy hats. In any event, The disguised Vivivica falls in love with the Duke, who we know is a Duke because his pointy red hat has a gold braid dangling from it. But the Duke is blind to Vivivica’s affections, because he’s in love with the countess, Maybeiwont, who is a proper female gnome because one stocking is a handsbreadth shorter than the other. Everthing gets wound around, however, because Maybeiwont AND the interloping Orsen Maybeishould (who doesn’t have a hat, but does have hairy feet) each lavish their affections on the disguised Vivivica. Who will take off their hat first and resolve this farce by setting each love into the arms of their true soulmate? Only time, and Vivivica’s twin brother (a strange gnome who prefers to wear a beret) will tell.


We look forward to sharing our Gnomish/Fantasy themed romance novel line with you and would love to hear your feedback. Do you have requests for a Gnomance Gnovel? Would you like to submit your own fan-fiction for consideration as a Gnomance Novel? Click here for the submission form.

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