GenconExhibitHallThat time of year has come around again and Gencon is just a week away. One of the biggest things at Gencon is the dealer’s hall –  bursting with a plethora of gaming products and goodies. All of the Gnomes attending Gencon are planning to pick up some fun things for ourselves, but we’d love to have excuses to pick up even more, and one excuse is reviewing it for the Gnome Stew community.

Let us know what products you’d like to see reviewed and we’ll see about making sure to pick up those products and give them a gander with our gnomish insights.

The Rules

Just like last year, there are a few conditions on what we will pick up for review. These are the same as in years past, but let’s review in case you forgot:

  • RPG rules or gaming accessory only—While we like board games, card games, and such, the Stew is an RPG Blog, so lets keep it to an RPG rulebook or gaming accessory. We would rather not review an adventure either since they rarely are meaty enough for a full review.
  • Something new—While just about anything can be found out on the convention floor, we are not going to review the AD&D A-Series adventures (though they are awesome). Please pick something that has recently come out, that you have not had a chance to pick up at your local gaming store, or something that is debuting at Gen Con.
  • Something we have not reviewed before– While we are not a product review site primarily, we have had the chance to do some great reviews. Check out our Review section for all our past reviews. Obviously, don’t pick one of those.
  • Let’s not break the bank—We love you guys, but the Gnomish treasure horde is constantly being raided by rivals… So lets keep this to about $30 or so (maybe a bit over…).
  • Final Decisions— Once we see what has the most interest amongst the community, we’ll divvy purchases/reviews up amongst the Gnomes that have the time and resources to do them. It could be one review, it could be 10, but it will depend on resources and attendance of the Gnomes. Thorough reviews (the kind we like) take more time to write than other articles, so not everything suggested will be picked up.

Your Turn

The rules have been covered. Please put your suggestions in the comments. We will field comments until the end of Monday night (Midnight on 8/12). We’ve got this cross posted on our G+ page and Facebook page, so you can +1 or like suggestions there as well.

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  1. uriel222
    uriel222 says:

    What about ? The Kickstarter led to an AWESOME finished game, that not only leads the charge of Narrativist games (second only maybe to Hillfolk), but also works as a great Universal system, able to replicate any setting with ease.

  2. theeo123
    theeo123 says:

    I second the Fate Core Suggestion
    The main book is even available Free on their site, in full PDf glory, that being said it doesn’t quite tell a tale the way a good solid hardcover in your hands does.

    and there is a LOT to look at with it, as the system in it infancy was licensed to many properties such as the Dresden files RPG, and some of the changes and refinements since then might be worth noting

  3. PurdueBrad
    PurdueBrad says:

    Hey guys, enjoy Gen Con. I can’t make it out this year so roll some dice for me! Anyway, I would be interested in your take on FFG’s Edge of the Empire Star Wars foundation. I’ve been putting some time into building a campaign for my gaming group but before we dive all the way in I would love to hear your take(s). Thanks!

    • BishopOfBattle
      BishopOfBattle says:

      I second the Shadowrun rules. I’d be particularly interested in how the new Hacking / Decker rules play as those are the “big change” they’ve promised for this version to make it more playable, but I’ve seen the least amount of review focused on besides a brief “its good”.

  4. randite
    randite says:

    How about Qelong or Fuck for Satan?

    The Lamentations of the Flame Princess Free-RPG-Day adventure was so elaborately excellent, I’d like to see some in-depth reviews of other LotFP modules. I chose those two partially because they’re newer, but I’d love to see any of Mr. Raggi & co.’s work reviewed.

  5. Kurt Patz
    Kurt Patz says:

    If you would be interested in something new, how about Chronos: Real Time Combat System? I am the creator and designer and would love to have you guys take a look at it and it would be free! Let me know what you think.

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