We are all here to tell stories...

Many Worlds, Many Stories

An open, narrative and character
driven tabletop gaming system
spread across many genres

Space Is Full of Danger

Thankfully, So Are You

Strange things lurk in the shadows...

Many Worlds, Many Stories

A Tabletop Role-playing game currently in development

Many Worlds, Many Stories is a tabletop role-playing game system in development and playtesting. It is created by John Arcadian (Gnome Stew, ENnie Award Winning Author, The Book of the Tarrasque) and Matt Solomon (Silvervine Games, The World Of Cyrus).

Many Worlds, Many Stories is a base system, developed with a focus on Characters and their roles in the stories we tell each other at the table.


  • Open and narrative system
  • Friendly on new players
  • Simple and Detailed play modes (enabling quick one shot play or continuous campaign style play)

Playtesting Options

Development is currently ongoing and playtesting materials will be available soon. If you would like to know more, please reach out at arcadian@johnarcadian.com.

The first open playtests will be held at Queen City Conquest in September 2018 and Acadecon in November 2018.

The playtest options will be:

  • The Shadows Stir – A simple narrative game where players investigate supernatural dealings in their hometown.
  • Legendary Defenders – A love letter to Voltron, where the players are members of a space defense force with incredible powers