Hey, you. Yeah, you. What have you got going on May 9th? Do you like boardgames and games like Fiasco?

Then you NEED to come to the Salt Mines, meet some people, and play some games.

  • What it is: Casual gathering with board games and hanging out.
  • Where it is: The Salt Mines @ 3820 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio 43202
  • When it is: Saturday, May 9th from 1pm – 7pm, stop in anytime
  • What should you bring: If you’ve got board games that you like, bring them. If you want to bring some beverage to share and take home with you when you’re done, feel free.
  • What will be there already: I’ll provide some games, snacks, drinks, etc.
  • Anything else?: Take a minute and RSVP through this google form so I can get a headcount. That way I know if I need to round up a few tables or chairs, etc.