Getting Some Writing Done

I posted on facebook a few days ago about a bunch of projects I’ve completed recently in my life as a web designer.

Things I’ve created that have been keeping me busy these last few months, and thus really bad about keeping up with communicating with people. (Site redesign) (Site redesign and ecommerce store transfer) (User submission site) (Forum and info site) (A ton of behind the scenes things) (Writer promotional site) (Gaming site redesign)

And while that is partially an excuse to repost a list of things I’ve created that haven’t yet made it into my portfolio, it’s also a bit of a reflection about making sure to keep a diversity of creative projects. My last few months have been extremely busy getting some big projects off the ground and running, and I’m in the midst of quite a few others right now. Today though, I got a chance to write. I put down about 6,000 words or so across 3 articles and some planning documents alongside the other work of the day, and it felt great.

Writing is a completely different set of tools that creating web content and coding. I felt a kind of “writer’s high” by the end of it, much like a runner pushing through mile 23 of a 26 mile marathon. It was an important reminder to me to not let the things I like to do, like write, fall between the cracks of the things I need to do.

Whatever stokes your fires, make sure you don’t let it fall by the wayside when you find your plate beyond full.