My latest book – Focal Point –  is now available for purchase through Drive Thru RPG and Engine Publishing, as well as at your FLGS and Studio 2 Publishing. I was one of three authors (Phil Vecchione and Walt Ciechanowski being  the others), and we put Focal Point together as a book that would help Game Master’s create extraordinary games at the table. Our advice focuses on the actual session, and what occurs directly at the table when your players are around it.

My chapters focus on being “The Entertainer” and showcase how Game Masters can be more engaging, can use props and space to keep their players interested, and how to use the right words to set the tone and mood.

I also got to play Art Director for this book, working with a very fun theme of Movies From Alternate Dimensions. All of the art and the graphic design calls back to this theme, and most of the art could be a still from a movie made in an alternate realty where things are a bit different. Of course, Gemma, Adam, Renaldo, and Patti (our core GM group from Odyssey) make another appearance and are in the game as well.

If you want to know more about Focal Point, check out some of the podcasts and reviews.


I’m also excited to say that Focal Point is doing incredibly well and being very well received. It’s been hovering at the #2 spot on Drive Thru RPG (#1 in small press and it has overtaken Fantasy Age once or twice) ever since it came out just a few short weeks ago.